The free Event App & Ticketing solution


Unlimited ticket types
Create unlimited FREE tickets, paid tickets or Donations for your events.
Customised web page and tickets
Cistomise tickets look and feel. Customize personalised web page to your brand.
Manage limits
Minimum and Maximum number of tickets.
Order time limit
Ordering session is timeboxed to prevent bots attacks.
Multiple currencies
Sell tickects in Multiple currencies.
Paypal integration
Receive money on your personnal paypal account.
Automatic Dates management
Open and close sales automaticaly according to your event dates.
Nominative or anonymous tickets
Create automatically attendees profiles.
On site management
Attendees arrival management on site with integrated mobile app.


  • Full Control Over App Using Content Manager
  • Branding : App Icon, Images and Photos, Logo
  • Real-time Event Analytics and Usage Report
  • Easy Event-Data Import with Excel
  • On site tools : Arrivals Checking.
  • Social media Integration.


My visit module
Customized Agenda, favorite Speakers, Sponsors and Exhibitors. Customized notes and photos. Customized report send by E-mail.
Informations module
Customized Event web page with WYSWYG editing.
Venue module
Goggle Map addres. Direction from visitor GPS location.
Speakers module
Conference's Speakers listing. Speakers Profiles, Bios, Contact infos.
Exhibitors module
Event's exhibitors listing.
News module
Real-time news and alerts.
Plans module
Venue's plans by level.
Sponsors module
Conference's sponsors listing
Agenda module
Event's Sessions listing.

How does it cost ?


Event App

- Free regardless of the number of events.
- Free regardless of the number of modules.
- Free regardless of the duration of each event.


Online ticketing

- You only pay $ 0.01 + PAYPAL transactions fees per Ticket
(usually, Paypal fees are about $ 0.3 + 2.9% / Transaction).
- No percentage on ticket price : More money for your event !
- Free for all free events.
- Free for all paid events.


Mobile app for event

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